Certainty in Uncertainty – The Modern Recruitment Landscape


Certainty in Uncertainty – The Modern Recruitment Landscape

Every conversation about recruitment at the moment seems to be focused on an uncertain couple of years ahead.

The political and economic climate does indeed suggest that there may some turbulence to navigate, and that very well may create a few changes to the strategy of some companies. This in turn may have an impact on individual careers and personal development.

Having been active in the UK recruitment market since the late 1990’s, one thing I can say that always remains certain – even throughout periods of uncertainty – is that ‘good’ people will always be sought after.

The real ‘value bringers’ – the innovators, those who build strong reputations based on tangible returns – will always be in demand. These people will always find work, and organisations will always be looking to hire them.

At Saragossa a good bit of our time is spent working on active recruitment assignments, but we also work very hard behind the scenes at building and managing our network of high achievers. Every day we’re initiating conversations with people who are focused on solving problems, improving results and increasing efficiency, even when nobody is watching them.

We introduce people into our community and work hard to understand their short, medium and long term objectives. We then maintain contact with them, keeping them informed of opportunities or developments that may be of interest or have a positive impact on their careers. Recruitment is not just a transaction, this is a partnership. The candidates we place are likely to have been talking to us for years, rather than days, and we feel that this helps us deliver a richer service – one based on trust and understanding.

Saragossa are a talent provider specialising in the Financial Technology, Financial Operations and Data Science sectors. Our role is to match clients with high calibre candidates. Our work encompasses filling temporary contracts along with building permanent teams and resourcing projects. To find out more, please contact enquiries@saragossa.co.uk or call 020 7871 3666.

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