From Retail to Recruitment…with Richard Archer


From Retail to Recruitment…with Richard Archer

Having joined at the beginning of 2017, Richard has now been promoted to Recruitment Consultant at Saragossa. Here he tells us about what he’s learned in his time moving from Trainee to Consultant – from learning about new technologies and managing expectations, to the importance of keeping a note of everything when it comes to recruitment!

What would you say you have learned since joining Saragossa?

A key lesson for me has been the importance of managing candidates’ expectations and not being afraid to ask questions if I don’t have enough clarification, or I’m unsure as to how they feel about a role. I’ve also learned a lot about different financial organisations, and learned that it’s OK to ask hiring managers questions when dealing with technologies I may not have heard of before.

How have you developed your own style of working?

I try to note everything down in my diary, whether this is during a conversation with a candidate, or when receiving training. This is so I can refer to it as and when needed. I also make notes for business development calls each day, so that when looking for new roles I can ensure I’m speaking to the relevant people.

How does Saragossa compare to previous working environments and roles?

My last role was in retail, so quite a world away from recruitment. Moving from retail to recruitment was a huge transition for me and so I had to develop new ways of working quickly, in order to keep candidates interested and ultimately fill vacancies.

One important and really helpful experience was my first week with Jimmy; learning all about the business was hugely helpful, as it gave me a great insight into the company and the recruitment industry in general. I learned a lot in that first week with Jimmy and was sure to retain it all via more of my trusty note-taking!

Saragossa are a talent provider specialising in the Financial Technology, Financial Operations and Data Science sectors. Our role is to match clients with high calibre candidates. Our work encompasses filling temporary contracts along with building permanent teams and resourcing projects. To find out more, please contact or call 020 7871 3666.

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