Chief Information Security Officer



Report directly to the CEO and Founder and grow security in line with the business.

You’ll be a huge part of the growth of the business, proven by the fact you’ll be paid well, but you’ll also be given a significant number of stocks. You’ll directly benefit from the work you put in.

Building trust is key. You’ll be there to ensure customer data is as secure as possible, you’ll guide all areas of security, whether it’s guiding technical teams, governance, or customer service. You’ll oversee all of this, addressing every single potential issue and putting in place a security strategy that will be future proof and scalable.

As you’ll work with the CEO, you’ll see everything from the top-down, with full sponsorship to do things your way.

It’s a business with Machine Learning and AI at its core, focused on improving business efficiency. They’ve grown from thousands of transactions to 50 billion currently. The aim is to get to one trillion in the next year. With that level of transactions, it’s imperative to be secure.

They’ve just received a new round of funding, so there’s investment in all areas.

You’ll need to be able to speak German and you’ll ideally be coming from a large company. Perhaps you want to go into a smaller environment to build back up again.

They’ll pay for your relocation and they’ll consider you and your family in that package. So if Sausages, Sauerkraut, and Security is your thing, this could be ideal for you.

The only non-negotiable is that this is based in Munich, we can talk about the rest.

Get in touch for more information – no up-to-date CV required.