Chief Technology Officer



Every ship needs a captain. Even the smaller ones.


Whilst it’s a small ship – people wise with around 150 people – it’s extremely competitive in the markets with a strong track record of performance and some of the best technologists around.


Having been around since 2000, this market maker knows what they’re doing.


You’ll be coming in to lead their technologists. You’ll be the leader and you’ll set the example for them to continuously improve. You’ll focus on all things from strategy to budgets, to ensuring that all gaps are covered.


There’s two options here. You’re either already an experienced CTO, or you want to make the step into being a CTO. You have to want to manage the whole technology landscape, so you can’t be a dev person and forget about infrastructure. You need to think of the whole picture.


Previous electronic market-making or trading experience is going to be a big plus here, knowing what type of technology has the edge over competitors will, of course, give you a head start.


Coding wise, Python and C++ are used mostly here. But a C# background wouldn’t be the end of the world.


You’re an established leader, you know how to get the best out of people and you can’t wait to get on board and set sail.


For more information, get in touch. No up-to-date CV required, we can work on that later.