Cyber Security Engineer – up to £250,000 total compensation



Going to conferences, learning new approaches and aiming to be the expert in your security field shouldn’t just be your dream.

Here, it’s a reality.

There’s flexibility to go to conferences. There’s flexibility to learn. Your future manager is exactly the same as you.

The aim here is to build everything from scratch. Everything needs to be customisable. Everything needs to be automated. Most importantly everything needs to be secure.


It’s a developer’s dream environment, so why wouldn’t it be a security expert’s dream environment?


It pays very well but you need to love what you do more than you love the money.

You need to live and breathe Cyber Security, be willing to share your ideas about how they can improve things and be brave enough to voice your opinions.


Your team are so collaborative that you will be listened to and your ideas will be considered.


You’ll be based in the London office, so it’s not going to be open to remote working, unfortunately.


It’s a hard-working, yet relaxed, technology-driven financial environment with huge investment in technology in general. There’s also free food!


For more information, apply here or send a CV to – no up to date CV required.