End User Support Specialist

$120,000.00 - $200,000.00 / year


We all remember that person who goes out of their way to make an experience special. It could be Mickey Mouse at Disney Land or the waiter who always knows how you like your coffee – either way it’s the people and the service that make a difference. That’s what this Hedge Fund who we’ve partnered with feel about support.

They want to hire End User Support specialists who can give the users that warm, fuzzy feeling with every interaction. If you enjoy your work, it shows and they want people who enjoy what they do and really want to shout it from the rooftops – it’s infectious.

Before we get too technical, let’s talk about Powershell. You’re going to be using Powershell every day. Forget about doing things over and over again, if you can automate them you’ll be expected to do so. So, without meaning to over play this, you’ll need to have some kind of Powershell experience and they’ll want to see it on your CV.

The users typically need help with MDM, troubleshooting communication tools such as O365, due to the changing world understanding VC tools such as Zoom and teams is a must and like any fund they’ll expect you know you TCP/IP protocol from your DNS. However, as a seasoned support professional, you’ll take these things in your stride and take pride in the way you juggle tasks.

As a tech-focused firm, you won’t need to worry about variety of being left behind by the latest trends and technologies. It’s likely that if a technology has a commercial use, they’ll be using it and testing its boundaries. The role will interact throughout the business from traders, to the tech teams to legal and compliance. Just like Mickey Mouse you’ll be comfortable with the White Glove treatment so interfacing with VIPs won’t be an issue either.

You’ll get to work in an extremely progressive environment, use your brain to solve problems and they really look after people.

The team are rewarded extremely competitively from a compensation perspective, expect a package of between $120-200k depending on experience and all the perks, bells and whistles that come with working for one of the highest performing firms in the world.

For more information please send your CV to rory@saragossa.co.uk or get in touch to arrange a call.