Head of Engineering – Overtime Discouraged!



Fed up of the awkward, unspoken expectation that you’ll sacrifice your evenings (and weekends) for your job? Fancy a boss who’ll not only discourage you from working overtime, but invite you out for drinks after work? Enjoy free pizza?


The answer to all of these questions is obviously ‘YES!’. What might not be obvious, however, is the fantastic bonus and pension schemes, health insurance and planned progression to a CTO position…


Despite the friendly, start-up vibe, this firm is backed by a private equity firm so it has a lot of financial stability. You’ll be responsible for leading your team of 6 engineering-obsessives through tech development and operations, supporting the business and managing the day-to-day runnings of your department. You’ll have the freedom to implement and optimise the company’s API, platform integrations and online portal.


Got ideas of what tech you think would be better to work with? You’ll be listened to – you’ll become a key decision-maker in terms of the direction of the company. You’ll use your experience of project management and mentoring to lead your team, heading the development of this SaaS business.


You’ll need experience with web development, ideally in a SaaS environment, along with PHP and JavaScript. You’ll need to have worked with both front- and back-end technologies, leading teams and multi-domain projects in agile environments.


If you’re the kind of person who spends their spare time looking at articles on the latest tech developments and checking out the competition, you’ll have plenty to talk about at the coffee station with your new colleagues.


Get in touch – matt@saragossa.co.uk – no up-to-date CV required.