Joining Up the Dots


Joining Up the Dots….

Whilst we don’t position ourselves as experts in financial technology, financial operations or data science we are experts in recruitment. We spend a good part of our time discussing interview preparation, interview feedback and passing on positive or negative interview feedback. As technology platforms change and the tools used for collating and utilising data evolve it is obvious that the product / practical experience that our clients require will also change. The assumption is however that practical experience aside there is an ongoing common sought after trait; the ability to work proactively to solve a problem. We are fortunate that presently we have many tools available to provide information instantly, in the absence of knowing how to perform a task we are fortunate to have Google, Stackoverflow, Github etc to turn to. If we are heading to an interview and get lost we instruct our phone to guide us to the door. This progression in the availability and use of technology is useful and has a positive impact on our professional and personal lives. However our question is whether or not the ability to understand the implication of a problem, research how to overcome it and execute the solution represents a skill in itself, a skill that is becoming less practiced and as such less learned. If we use the analogy of the the London underground, it’s very simple to hop on the tube at Marble Arch and get off the tube at Green Park, it’s simple, effective and useful, much better than walking in the rain. Using the tube though allows you to arrive at your destination without thinking how you got there, without having to read a map or work out the best route and in turn this reduces the need to learn how to find your way and to understand your geography. We question whether or not the ability to ‘work it out’ is (despite technology making it often unnecessary) an important characteristic that separates the good professionals from the great professionals, allowing one to appraise the bigger picture and work in a more balanced, problem solving way. the interview feedback we take seems to confirm that this skill is required, let us know your thoughts.

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