Just the Two of Us


Just the Two of Us

Recruitment: it’s a funny old game, aye? From my own knowledge and what I see on social media, a lot of the sector’s reputation comes down to the quality of the service, which it should, right?

With that said, something that never fails to amaze me is the illogical way in which some candidates and companies think when it comes to finding a new role or hiring a new candidate, especially when you compare it to the world outside of recruitment.

I want to compare the importance of exclusivity in recruitment to a recent personal experience of mine. The following offers an example of how I believe exclusivity in recruitment should work…


Introducing Rami…

When I moved to Saragossa a few years ago, I tried out five or six different barbers within a mile radius of the office until I found the best cut. This is how I found Rami, and I haven’t gone anywhere else since.

When I first visited Rami, I told him exactly what I wanted (in recruitment this would be akin to a brief/job spec), along with what I didn’t want (feedback on previous applicants). It took about two or three visits to get it completely right (CV’s/test of commitment), but I was willing to give him the time needed because he listened, and I could see he genuinely wanted to do a good job for me, he’d even keep the shop open later to fit me in (go the extra mile/take a call late at night).

Now when I visit Rami, he knows exactly what I want (checklist), he knows my hair (team environment) and gets to work. Whilst I’m in the chair he is constantly checking that I’m happy with the progress and remains focused on absolute quality. For example, whenever I think he’s finished he comes back with the scissors for tiny, minute details all geared around the end result, as he knows what is required to deliver the finish I want. I even take him for a beer afterwards (recruiter/client relationship)!

Rami knows that if he does this I’ll not only continue to return (repeat business), but I’ll recommend him to other people (more business) and he’ll get £20 every time (%), allowing his business to continue to grow. As a result, the quality of his work is always guaranteed. Rami may have the same tools as all the other barbers I tried, but it’s his attention to detail, will to deliver and approach that makes him the man I go to.


Comparing Rami to recruitment

I speak to prospective clients who have several different agencies that they release vacancies to. Now if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve got a lot of time for Rami (he’s built that relationship with me), but I am aware that if I popped in once a year, I might not receive the same level of service.

Like Rami, I work with a lot of my clients and candidates on an exclusive basis. The clients I work with trust me to work hard, listen and understand what they need and deliver the right person for them. They don’t need to engage with anyone else and whilst they’re not short of recruiters offering the same service for a fraction of the price, they still choose to come to me.

Equally, the candidates I work with know that I keep in touch regularly and can find the right roles for them with my specialist knowledge and expertise. Being a specialist within a sector is a particularly crucial part of gaining trust with candidates and clients, but you need to find your niche and not try to be a one-size-fits-all kind of recruiter. For example, whilst I work within the Insurance market, my specialism is in Technology, so I wouldn’t be the best person to recruit for an Insurance Broker.

Unfortunately, when it comes to recruitment, it doesn’t seem as though enough candidates and companies think in this way; therefore, I’m never surprised to hear some of the ‘horror stories’ that put a black mark on the industry.

Put it this way – if I had several different people trying to cut my hair at the same time it would be chaos!

However, whilst there might be some ‘terrible’ recruiters out there who just can’t deliver, regardless of the relationship, I’m convinced that if clients invested more time and trust into agencies they are already aware of/have worked with previously, this would help to rid the world of these ‘cowboys’. Then, perhaps the recruitment industry could become one of the most well-respected industries: an industry known for its integrity, honesty and professionalism – unthinkable, right?!


Final tips

Whether you’re a recruiter, client or candidate, make sure you can find someone or be someone who:

  1. Listens to what the clients wants (the ‘client’ being the hiring manager, firm or individual seeking a new role)
  2. Delivers more than just sending CVs (provide information on the market, different options, or even a candidate more junior or senior as an additional option).
  3. Will work at any time of day to deliver, e.g. taking a call at 10pm if necessary.
  4. Prides themselves on delivering the best service.
  5. Takes time to deliver the right people, not just the first ones they find.
  6. Values their own time/the client’s business.
  7. Wants to build a long-term relationship.

The recruitment process shouldn’t be a race: it should be about quality, not speed or quantity, so commit to the one which offers you the best service and make it exclusive.

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