Starting the Year As We Mean to Go On


Starting the Year As We Mean to Go On

After an exciting and incredibly busy 2017, the new year is already off to a very promising start for Saragossa. Like many of our waistlines this time last month, we are continually expanding; this time last year we were a team of 8 but by the end of January, we’ll up to 18. Say hello to some of our most recent recruits who join us from a variety of backgrounds, with a lot to offer both the company, clients and candidates…


I joined Saragossa last October as Head of Finance. Here, I make sure that everything in the business adds up as it should, to enable the next big business decision.

For the last decade or so, I’ve been working in senior finance across a variety of SMEs. I love the thrill of working in a small business; you enjoy a huge amount of autonomy whilst working alongside people with a huge passion for what they do.

When I’m not designing beautiful Excel spreadsheets, I can be found on the sofa (any sofa, I’m not fussy), red wine in hand, wearing thick, fuzzy socks. Failing that, you’ll find me out with my Miniature Schnauzer, Otto, or cooking up a gourmet vegetarian storm in the kitchen as sous chef to my wife.



I joined Saragossa in September last year, having worked as senior consultant at an education recruitment company for the past three years. Prior to this, my career had led me in the directions of the fitness and food and drink industries.

At Saragossa, I specialise in sourcing and working with developers who code in a variety of languages including Java, C++ and Python.

Away from the world of recruitment, I’m a lover of animals, travel, sports and fitness. You can find me in the gym most days if I’m not visiting a new country, spending time with my pets or watching my beloved Exeter City FC!



I’ve been with Saragossa since September 2017, after completing my degree in Business Economics and travelling around Southeast Asia.

Since joining, I’ve gradually moved into the world of technology for proprietary traders and FinTech SMEs.

Outside of work I like to keep fit as often as I can, so you’ll usually find me doing a few laps in the pool or at the gym.



I started at Saragossa this January, having graduated with a degree in Politics and International Relations, before travelling and settling in New Zealand for two years.

Prior to Saragossa I was working in restaurant management, but wanted to move into recruitment to develop my understanding of financial technology, and how it fits in with ever-changing international laws and standards.

Away from the office, I enjoy a good pub quiz and game of pool, and loosely follow Formula One and Rugby. Now I’m back living in the UK, I also enjoy going to explore new cities as often as I can.



Like Ruby, I also joined Saragossa in January this year. After working in the fitness industry for the past eight years, it was time for a change, and decided that the world of recruitment was my next step.

As a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, I’m still working out my specialism; at the moment it’s all about learning as much as I can to do the best job possible for candidates and clients.

Whilst I’m no longer working in fitness, you can still find me at the gym when I’m not at work, or failing that I’ll be spending time with friends.

Saragossa are a talent provider specialising in the Financial Technology, Financial Operations and Data Science sectors. Our role is to match clients with high calibre candidates. Our work encompasses filling temporary contracts along with building permanent teams and resourcing projects. To find out more, please contact or call 020 7871 3666.