Reece Clarke


I joined Saragossa in December 2019, keen for a challenge and a job that I could get a lot of satisfaction from. My work experience has led to me placing a lot of importance on customer service, so I love the social side of the job – chatting to new candidates and getting to know more about them has been great.

I’ve worked as a remote IT Support Engineer in the past, which has hugely helped me understand the technical side of roles. My programming experience at university means that I’ve got a strong grip on tech stacks and what to look for on CVs, too. I’m really enjoying the collaborations in the office, as well as a bit of healthy competition…

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me watching sport, playing the piano or smashing a game of dodgeball. Failing that, I’ll be at a local pub, socialising and enjoying a decent pint.

Contact me at or find me on Linkedin.