Tegan Fenn


I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Business and Team Entrepreneurship and an interest in recruitment. I heard about Saragossa through a recommendation and their values as a company really resonated with me – the great coffee at the interview sealed the deal, even if I did get locked in the interview room by mistake…

Before I joined in July 2019, I didn’t have much commercial experience of FinTech but I’ve had a lot of internal training and enjoy researching clients and tech stacks in my own time. I was lucky enough to join at the same time as 2 other recruiters, and we’ve got an amazing mentor leading us. There’s a good combination of collaboration and independent development involved. My highlight so far has been landing 6 placements within my first 5 months, so I’m enjoying high levels of job satisfaction!

Outside of work, I love quiet nights in baking, playing board games and reading with a glass of wine. Other than that, I’m a regular at my local pub quiz and enjoy travelling when I get the chance.

Contact me at tegan@saragossa.co.uk or find me on Linkedin.