The Journey So Far…With John Davies


The Journey So Far…With John Davies

John’s recent appointment to Team Lead marks his third promotion since joining the Saragossa family two years ago. Here he tells us about his development and what he’s learned so far, from the power of meeting face-to-face and being yourself, to how our approach at Saragossa differs from that of other companies.
What have you learned since joining Saragossa?

The main things I’ve taken away from my experience at Saragossa so far are:

  • The importance of meeting candidates and clients face-to-face and how powerful doing this can be.
  • How to build a niche area of expertise, in my case this was the insurance sector.
  • How to balance achieving my own goals as a recruitment consultant with managing and mentoring the more junior recruiters within Saragossa.
  • How the business elements of a recruitment company work, in addition to the day-to-day recruitment process.

How have you developed your own style of working?

Over the last couple of years, my approach has evolved to focus more on face-to-face client networking rather than always relying on the phone.  Many people in this industry simply look for the quickest and easiest way to make money, but in my experience, investing time in face-to-face meetings helps you to develop a far better client relationship and provides you with a far more in depth-understanding of the business, which pays dividends in the long run.

As a recruiter these days it’s not enough to make 100 cold calls a day and hope for the best. Some people feel they have to continuously promote themselves and show off at every meeting, but I’ve found success by just being myself and taking a focused, professional, client-focused approach. For example, I don’t go to a meeting with a client or candidate planning to say this or that. I simply try and show that I am a dependable guy who will work hard for them and operate in a professional manner.

Another important factor in developing myself is focusing on quality rather than quantity when It comes to my accounts, and ensuring I invest my time in the right firms. Saragossa has facilitated this by enabling me to build my own niche and style of working, rather than forcing me to work in the same way as everyone else and take the same approach.

How does Saragossa compare to previous working environments and roles?

One of the main differences with Saragossa from my previous working environment is that it’s fun and dynamic, yet still results driven. Previous companies I’ve worked for have had the fun company culture that so often goes with sales-based roles, but lacked the cutting edge and that real desire to do great things. As a team we at Saragossa take real pride in being the best at what we do, and that ambition is certainly infectious – new starters coming in have to adopt this mentality quickly if they want to succeed.

Something that also differs with Saragossa from previous companies is the way that your progression is mapped out by results, not longevity. I believe that my progression so far is one of the best examples of how Saragossa encourages and rewards individual progress; it’s not about how long you’ve been here, it’s about what you’ve achieved and what you have the potential to do in the future.

Saragossa are a talent provider specialising in the Financial Technology, Financial Operations and Data Science sectors. Our role is to match clients with high calibre candidates. Our work encompasses filling temporary contracts along with building permanent teams and resourcing projects. To find out more, please contact or call 020 7871 3666.

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