Our aim here is to engage with our associates, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding careers and recruitment.

Additionally we intend to publish some exercises to provide insight into how our clients measure the ability to solve problems in a creative and effective manner.

Over the coming months we will provide commentary on our experiences identifying and assessing talent and also publish information regarding recruitment trends and market conditions.

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The missing 80%

Having recorded and documented interview feedback over a 9 year period we have developed a good understanding of the contributing factors which will affect interview outcomes.

Whilst each recruitment requirement will have it’s own unique characteristics, for example seniority, technical & behavioural skills and any industry experience, a common prerequisite exists which has more impact on success than any other.

Our clients hire the candidate that can best demonstrate the ability to understand a task (why that task exists, how that it will be performed, the impact of success or failure and how progress can be measured objectively).

The ability to truly understand a role, and how it impacts a business provides insight into the candidate’s capacity to add value, to take responsibility and to own tasks rather than simply complete work under instruction.

It can be argued that our findings suggest that the ability to understand a job function is more important in the selection process than having completed the same job previously.

It would appear from our research that the information provided on a CV (for example job titles, dates of employment, technical skills and qualifications) will provide circa 20% of the information required to secure a job. The remaining 80% will be drawn from the ability to explain how a role was performed, why it was performed and how it impacted the organisation or employer.

We will be running an informal event in Central London during the first week in February to discuss this theme and to offer some objective advice to those who may be attending interviews over the next 12 months and also those looking to measure this trait during the interview process.

Please email enquiries@saragossa.co.uk to register interest in attending.

Happy New Year.

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