The importance of empathy within financial services

Recently, we’ve noticed a significant amount of dialogue regarding the importance of implementing strategies to improve empathy within leadership in financial services.

A spotlight on mentoring at Saragossa

January is not just the beginning of a new year; it’s also a time to celebrate National Mentoring Month, a dedicated period that shines a spotlight on the invaluable impact of mentoring relationships.

Living brilliantly in the workplace

Enhancing performance often comes down to simple shifts in working practice, here we share some of the key practices we incorporate into our daily working life.

Meet Sophie and Lily – Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

An introduction to our Talent Acquisition Specialists, their background, roles within Saragossa and how they are going to help us with our ambitious growth plans.

Brilliance is in the details

We believe that every interaction has the potential to demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to creating exceptional experiences that build rapport and reinforce collaboration and support.

Building a Legacy: Lessons from the All Blacks

We have been having conversations about legacy and leadership at Saragossa – inspired by the book ‘Legacy – What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life’.

The values we live by

Our values represent our exceptional service to both our clients and candidates while fostering a workplace culture that reflects our dedication to excellence and empathy. Below, we delve into each of these values, exploring what they mean for us as a company

How to have a sustainable work-life balance for those who are task orientated.

For those that are task orientated the line between work and life is much more blurred, you see work as one part of your life alongside other aspects. So, what can you do to achieve a sustainable work-life balance

What is important to individuals looking to enter the job market?

Our summer intern, Skye, is in the same position as over 314,000 UK students heading to university. We’ve asked about her perspective regarding her future and the criteria she envisions when entering the job market.

Should we be rethinking the interview process?

Being successful in an interview process should not just be based on how well you answer generic questions that you can prepare in advance but on how you react and respond to tasks and questions that showcase your personality and skills.