How can I

secure the best talent?

scale up my technology team?

find my next CTO?

ensure my projects get delivered?

maximise my career potential?

Success through people

The best outcomes, delivered without compromise

Named after an unexpected but highly effective chess move, we help people achieve their objectives, whether building a world-class team, delivering exceptional projects, or accelerating professional ambitions.

Our Products


Find your winning workforce

Our hybrid search/advertising model provides our partners quick and effective access to the best talent in the industry.


Shape your winning workforce

By embedding ourselves within high-growth organisations, we can help facilitate sustainable and responsive talent pipelines.


Premium Engagement

Strategic search to identify, engage, qualify and secure the industry’s best locked global leaders.


Supporting better project delivery

Delivering technology project services to achieve optimum efficiency and ensure streamlined delivery.

People at every intersection

It’s all about the people

From the community we cultivate to the individuals whose careers we guide and the leaders whose teams we build, everything we do involves people. We create connections between great people by understanding that everybody we work with is unique.

As organisations develop and careers flourish, our people’s roles may change, but they remain rooted in the Saragossa community. We exchange ideas, solve common problems and support each other throughout.

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The importance of empathy within financial services

Recently, we’ve noticed a significant amount of dialogue regarding the importance of implementing strategies to improve empathy within leadership in financial services.

Author : Jimmy Lloyd

Time to read 2min

Introducing our new Director of Contract, Jonny Demko.

Introducing our new Director of Contract, Jonny Demko. We’ve asked Jonny a few questions about starting his next adventure at Saragossa.

Author : Jimmy Lloyd

Time to read 4.5min

A spotlight on mentoring at Saragossa

January is not just the beginning of a new year; it's also a time to celebrate National Mentoring Month, a dedicated period that shines a spotlight on the invaluable impact of mentoring relationships.

Author : Conor Sloan

Time to read 5min

Using data insight to secure better results

Measuring successful delivery

We provide numbers to best measure our success.


of the introductions we make result in an interview


of the people we introduce are not actively available


of the interviews we facilitate result in a successful hire

Success defined by results

Our Three Step Process

With a person at the centre of every stage of our workflow, we build solutions that work, measure our results, and display them.


Our dedicated team use their knowledge, tools and processes to gain a better understanding of your requirements. We never underestimate the empathy and human element which drives our work.


We are fast to innovate and bold in our choices, delivering products and services that allow people to make better decisions and achieve more potent results.


We favour measurement and proof over opinion and use metrics to provide quantifiable evidence of how our products have added value to your business.

Connecting great people

If you need to find or shape your winning workforce, locate an exceptional leader, or ensure streamlined delivery of your technology project, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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