Building out our board and appointing Non-Executive Directors to support Saragossa's global growth is a necessary and fundamental part of our development journey.

Control and confidence – building a board

Assembling the right team with the suitable skill set, experience, and connections to advise us on company structure, operations, personnel, and finance will help us take an essential and valuable step towards achieving our goals.

The challenge is creating a board that complements our existing leadership team, aligns with the business’s vision, and finds the right balance between new objective voices that contribute to the big dreams and discussions while providing checks and balances around governance and structure. This requires a period of adjustment and ongoing communication between all parties.

The latest research suggests that the most effective boards exert control whilst giving leaders the confidence to act. Choose wisely, and the board can transform culture and help companies to innovate and grow.

Read our Q&A with Saragossa Director, Founder Jimmy Lloyd, and new Non-Executive Director Paul McGuire to learn how we are approaching this next phase.