Enhancing performance often comes down to simple shifts in working practice, here we share some of the key practices we incorporate into our daily working life.

Living brilliantly in the workplace

Enhancing performance often comes down to simple shifts in working practice that, once incorporated into your daily actions, interactions, and decision-making processes, should create a marked increase in confidence and positive outputs. The following are some of the key practices we incorporate daily in our working life:

Active Listening

Understanding people’s wants and needs relies on listening to what they are and aren’t saying. Active listening incorporates verbal and visual communication and aims to get beyond face value to the message beneath. A deeper understanding of aspirations and requirements allows for a thoughtful, positive response.

We often operate at transition points for clients and colleagues, so ensuring we are aware of changes helps us respond proactively to their professional journey. Being present and providing support, understanding and guidance during all key decision points from enquiry to result enables the people you support to make the right decisions, reduces unexpected challenges, and increases the likelihood of rapid, sustained goal achievement.


Transparency builds credibility. Candour with gaps in understanding shows a willingness to seek clarity over the fear of looking foolish. Challenge your colleagues, your clients, and your candidates to seek better understanding. Don’t let fear of mistakes stop you from trusting your judgement and instinct. Trial and error are, after all, a vital part of the learning process. You won’t always get it right the first time, but taking responsibility and learning from your mistakes increases the trust and respect of others.

It’s no secret that knowledge is power. Dedication to developing your knowledge and honing your soft skills will enhance all internal and external interactions. Sharing insight and teaching others learned practice creates an open environment reinforcing collective strength.


Lastly, success mainly depends on completing tasks nobody sees or hears about. Tackling them with the same dedication as visible tasks demonstrates strength of character and professionalism. Concentrate on tasks completed, not hours observed, but recognise that completing tasks takes time.


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