Integrating an internal talent function to invest in our Saragossians!

Meet Sophie and Lily - Our Talent Acquisition Team

Employing an internal talent acquisition function is vital to a recruitment company’s success. With our ambitious 2028 growth plans, it is essential that the growth is orchestrated from the inside out. There are several reasons for this, besides saving money and time, it is important to instil our company culture and brand to all our existing and prospective employees, also streamline the onboarding process, and boost company loyalty and engagement.

We’d like to introduce you to the two individuals who are making this happen – Our Talent Acquisition Specialists: Sophie Blake and Lily Mugford.

Sophie Blake

I started my career in graduate STEM recruitment, where I progressed from an Associate to a Principal Consultant in under two years. When I graduated in 2020, I looked at my skill set and my long-term career goals, and a job in recruitment became an obvious choice. It is an extremely rewarding job, with fantastic progression, lucrative monetary benefits, and a hardworking environment whereby you are surrounded by successful, competitive, and like-minded individuals.

I am in a favourable position, as I have transitioned into an internal role, with a background in recruitment and knowledge of the wider technology sector. I am accountable for delivering on key objectives and initiatives, including increasing direct hiring and spreading brand awareness. I am an advocate for Saragossa’s employer brand both internally and externally and I embody our values of: Fearless, Uncompromising, and Human, in everything I do.

The prospect of Project 2028 and the company’s unwavering dedication to ongoing growth and improvement is the reason I joined Saragossa. We have ambitious plans but even from my short time here I fully believe that we will achieve them, and I am committed to extending our team.

Lily Mugford

I have been working at Saragossa for a year and a half, focusing on internal recruitment. When I first started looking for a placement job during my 2nd year of university, I was unsure about what I wanted to do and had little understanding of the recruitment field. However, during my interview at Saragossa, I immediately felt welcomed by the team.

Internal recruitment comes with its fair share of rejections, but it is incredibly fulfilling to contribute to the growth and success of the company you work for and genuinely believe in. I find great joy in meeting candidates when they first start and knowing that I have played a role in guiding them through their journey until their first day.

I take pride in my biggest achievement so far at Saragossa, which has been building the Chicago team from the ground up. Starting with a blank slate and gradually assembling a strong and cohesive team has been a truly rewarding experience. It’s heart-warming to see photos of the team working together and achieving great things.

A big focus for Lily and Sophie is to ensure that every interaction from start to finish is positive, fearlessly delivering brilliant experiences and exceptional outcomes, for every candidate.

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally positive, enthusiastic, transparent, honest, and collaborative and do not take our responsibilities lightly.

If you’re looking for a job in recruitment please get in touch either Lily or Sophie, their details are below:


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