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Our work aims to reduce the unnecessary overhead costs associated with sustained headcount growth by increasing hiring speed, minimising attrition, supporting accurate budgeting, and leaving a legacy. Working strategically within high growth organisations enables us to create and deliver Employer Value Propositions and establish direct and indirect recruitment pipelines to drive efficiency and growth.

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Director Rory Gaston outlines the benefits of Optimal

Optimal explained

How Optimal works

Talent Acquisition Teams on Demand

We partner at an early stage to build and deliver strategic processes to facilitate the onboarding of 'best in industry' talent. Working in a partnership arrangement, we provide on-site assistance in understanding requirements, creating and delivering effective processes and supporting growth.



Identifying the priorities.

A clear vision is fundamental to the success of a thriving technology business. Through concise documentation, project management and ensuring that every stakeholder stays true to the growth plan, we'll help you create and achieve your roadmap to success.



Growing your best team

We help you achieve Optimal success by delivering the best teams at the correct time. As an extension of your team, we take responsibility for meeting delivery targets and ensuring that quality is not compromised.



Performance proved

We believe that accurate reporting around processes and structures is key to creating the best result. By tracking progress against agreed objectives, we can adapt rapidly and take responsibility for meeting goals.

85 %

Of people introduced are interviewed

A measure of success

Delivering the right people

Meet your team

Leah Walters

I lend expertise at the formative stage to support the creation and build of responsive talent pipelines. I aim to help clients identify, engage and secure talent in the most effective way to empower them to meet their own business goals.

Choosing Saragossa Optimal has given HUB a real edge in the race to acquire talent to drive the growth of our company. Our partnership with Rory and the team at Saragossa has enabled us to quickly identify and secure the best talent across a wide range of skills both technical and SME focused. We have assembled a great team that is passionate and focused on building the HUB platform.

Paul Taylor. CEO. HUB.

Connecting great people

If you need to find or shape your winning workforce, locate an exceptional leader, or ensure streamlined delivery of your technology project, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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