Optimal Build

A plug-in Talent Acquisition solution for high growth technology teams.

Providing fast-growing businesses with the edge in scaling their technology teams while ensuring the sustainability of their growth by utilising our robust talent acquisition infrastructure.

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A plug-in Talent Acquisition solution for high-growth technology teams.

Optimal Build combines the expertise and capabilities of a leading global technology recruitment specialist with the efficiency, expertise and intimacy of a strategically focused Talent Acquisition function to support Technology Teams in achieving fast and sustainable growth.

How Optimal Build works

Rapidly expanding technology start-ups often underestimate the investment required to achieve fast, sustainable growth in a candidate-driven market. The key to success is an efficient talent acquisition infrastructure that replicates that of larger organisations.

Step 1.

Ability to Attract & Access to the Right Talent

Identified Employer Brand & EVP

Access to the right passive talent

Step 2.

Fast & Efficient Inhouse Processes

Efficient Recruitment Function and Processes

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Step 3.

Effective Screening & Selection

Effective Screening & Selection

Effective Hiring Managers

Who our clients and candidates will work with

Meet your Talent Acquisition Team.

Meet your team

James Batt

Regional Director - UK West

James is a vital team member, partnering with your business daily, connecting you to the right talent and ensuring you meet the people that will achieve your company vision. Our technology specialist team support James, who will also connect with your Hiring Managers to achieve your Talent Acquisition plan.

Want to speak to James about a project? james@saragossa.co.uk

Meet your team

Sion Johnson

Talent Acquisition Lead – Back End

Sion is an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist with experience providing technology teams with the right talent for their development functions. Recognising the impact of engineering teams, he is passionate about securing world-class talent for his clients. Sion is supported by a team of technology specialists who will also partner with your Hiring Managers under Sion’s supervision.

Want to speak to Sion about a project? sion@saragossa.co.uk

Success in the real world:


HUB required access to and reliable delivery of the most sought-after high performing human resources and skills in the FinTech landscape. Using Saragossa’s Optimal Shape meant HUB could utilise our specialist recruitment team, geared towards sourcing outside the ‘active’ job seeker market and meeting large hiring targets at speed. Optimal Build has provided both responsive supply to support current business needs, alongside the provision of robust processes to facilitate future objectives, as well as extras such as the creation of a compelling ‘Value Proposition’ to position HUB as an employer of choice, as well as: Contract creation & provision | A video interviewing platform | Robust background check process | Job specification creation


Employees over 3 months, a workforce expansion of 9 employees to over 50


Interview to CV ratio

Choosing Saragossa’s Optimal has given HUB a real edge in the race to acquire talent to drive the growth of our company. Our partnership with the Saragossa team has enabled us to quickly identify and secure the best talent across a wide range of skills both technical and SME focused. We have assembled a great team that is passionate and focused on building the HUB platform.

Paul Taylor. CEO. HUB.

Connecting great people

If you need to find or shape your winning workforce, locate an exceptional leader, or ensure streamlined delivery of your technology project, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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