In 2023, women account for approximately 26% of the technology workforce; the percentage is even lower within financial technology. We want to reshape this statistic by establishing new pathways and starting the conversations with women earlier.

Tomorrow's Financial Technologists

In 2023, women comprise roughly 26% of the technology workforce, with an even lower representation within the financial technology sector. Since 2015, Saragossa has successfully facilitated permanent hires, but regrettably, only 15% of those hires have been women.

As an organization, we are dedicated to reshaping this statistic. Our commitment is reflected in our innovative approach to talent development, which recognizes the numerous transferable skills and characteristics that make individuals well-suited for the financial technology sector. We believe that the traditional STEM education pathway is not the sole key to success.

We recognise the importance of initiating these conversations early, particularly with students currently pursuing their education who may not have considered a career in this industry a viable option.

Later this year, we are excited to announce our collaboration with the University of Bristol for an event aimed at first- and second-year students. This event will delve deeper into the subject matter, featuring a lineup of keynote speakers, discussions on HR strategies adapting to a more diverse workforce, and valuable networking opportunities.

We firmly believe that a remarkable team comprises individuals with diverse skills, perspectives, and personalities, each contributing their unique strengths to the collective effort.

At Saragossa, we hold our people in the highest regard; they are our greatest asset. We take real pride in having a diverse mix of talent around the table, which not only shapes our culture but also drives our business forward. We previously discussed the need for organisations to create internal entrepreneurs as we firmly believe that internal innovation is critical to future success.


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