HUB is a Technology company building a new cloud-native operating platform for the asset management industry.

The HUB team has significant growth plans, and they implemented Saragossa’s Optimal to provide sector-specific expertise and create sustainable, responsive talent pipelines.

Understanding the problem

HUB required access to and reliable delivery of the most sought-after high performing human resources and skills in the FinTech landscape. We mainly source these outside the ‘active’ job seeker market.

Using Saragossa’s Optimal meant HUB could utilise our specialist recruitment team, geared towards meeting large hiring targets at speed.

Delivering the solution

In addition to creative resource provision, Optimal has provided HUB with value-added services such as: Saragossa Optimal solution has provided both responsive supply to support current business needs, alongside the provision of robust processes to facilitate future objectives.

Contract creation & provision
A robust background check process
A video interviewing platform
Job specification creation
The creation of a compelling ‘Value Proposition’ to position HUB as an employer of choice.

Saragossa Optimal solution has provided responsive supplies to support current business needs, alongside robust processes to facilitate future objectives.

Project approach

Having the chance to support rapid growth from such an early stage provided Saragossa Optimal with a unique challenge. The absence of any existing processes provided the opportunity to be bold in our approach, taking an outstanding proposition to the technology community and providing HUB with unparalleled access to the best talent in industry

Emma Perryman. Saragossa.

Proven results

+ 15



CV send to interview ratio

Client feedback

Choosing Saragossa Optimal has given HUB a real edge in the race to acquire talent to drive the growth of our company. Our partnership with Rory and the team at Saragossa has enabled us to quickly identify and secure the best talent across a wide range of skills both technical and SME focused. We have assembled a great team that is passionate and focused on building the HUB platform.

Paul Taylor. CEO. HUB.

Connecting great people

Saragossa Optimal provides the capability to meet business objectives at speed and without compromise.

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