You are expected to work hard in any job and sector – this is undoubtedly the case in recruitment.

Working hard in recruitment

Working hard in recruitment involves a combination of dedication, skill, and effective strategies to identify, attract and retain top talent for an organisation.

When starting out in the industry at a junior level, tasks that take senior consultants 30 minutes may take hours, and the processes may initially appear challenging to grasp. Therefore, your perception of hard work in your first year in this industry will differ significantly from your perspective in year 2, year 5, and beyond. However, the essential qualities required to work diligently throughout your career as a recruiter remain consistent: resilience, the ability to rebound after setbacks, accountability, and, above all, compassion in every interaction.

At Saragossa, we foster a supportive environment that allows our team members to shape their work processes to suit their needs. We promote regular and honest feedback, as well as transparency, ensuring that individuals at all levels take responsibility for their actions. We guide them to learn from mistakes constructively, enabling them to move forward positively. Additionally, we establish clear career pathways and provide opportunities for our employees, facilitating growth and progress in their careers.

Difficulties are just things to overcome…The only true failure is not to explore.

The above quote from Ernest Shackleton shows that you’ll face challenges during every adventure you take whether personally or professionally. What happens next is defined by your character and your commitment.


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