Data Dashboard – Quantifying Success

Data can help us refine and redesign talent pathways in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Transforming the traditional talent pipeline

The traditional talent pipeline from academia to industry is being disrupted. The skills shortage is changing recruitment, with transferable skills as necessary as capabilities.

Making your Employee Value Proposition personal

Modern EVPs aren’t built from platitudes but embody an organisation’s personality. Your Employee Value Proposition is a public statement about what matters to you and plays a critical role in defining your culture.

What’s happening with Solvency II?

The UK’s financial regulation of the insurance industry has been closely tied to the EU’s Solvency II directive. But, post-Brexit, the UK is free to diverge from it – and is pushing ahead with reforms.

Attitude and Approach: Our 16-Point Appraisal Process

Hiring people is an investment, so understanding a new employee’s hidden motivators and management style is critical for finding a successful long-term match.

What is the purpose of an office?

We have a range of technology that enables us to communicate virtually with anyone, anywhere, so is there still a need for the traditional ‘office space’? If so, what is its function?

How important is having a specialism?

It’s a truism to say that every successful business or brand has built a specialism that’s in demand from their clients or customer. It’s enough for short-term success, but is specialisation the safe basis for a long-term business strategy?

The Changing Landscape of Staffing

To continue to deliver for our clients, we must understand the changing landscape of staffing, identifying opportunities to engage and reward the best talent wherever they are and however they choose to work.

Softbank Case Study

Competition among teams can be a highly effective tool to motivate staff, but only if individually and collectively employees feel secure.

The concept of community and what it means to us

When we talk about our community, we refer to the individuals who work for us, the specialists we place into businesses, the consultants who deliver projects for us and the people working within our clients’ organisations whose challenges we work to address. To a certain extent, all of these people share the same values, ethos, and outlook as us; this is our community – one that we nurture, develop and grow daily.